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Teston Road Double Feature

Vaughan, Ontario

Location Owner don
Creation Date Apr 10 2011
Status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
Location Vaughan, Ontario
Site number #2571

This is 2 locations. The first is right out at the road. Looks well boarded up (Didnt try to go behind as there is a small snow fence, and this is on Teston, and is passed by cars on a minutely basis. the second, is further off the road, beside and behind the first. there is a tall chain-link fence around the front of the property where it meets the road. Today (June 1st), I had the opportunity to get onto the property, and take some more detailed shots. apparently its owned by a developer named Rocco. This place is much bigger than it looks from the road. From member Abe Ann Dunn: This gorgeous old home is boarded up and ready to come down. It is adjacent to another abandoned house, to the west, which is largely unremarkable. There is evidence of activity on the property though the house and adjoining storage structures have all been boarded up. The house is likely not as old as it appears. On the 1880 county map of Vaughan, this property belonged to Malcom Malloy and no house appears on the map where this one is situated. At the far west side of the property with less impressive house (c 1960s?) is a boarded up green barn. It is aluminum and also appears to be about 50 years of age. There is also a small barn-shaped garage or storage shed in the field to the right of the first home, which might be accessible. UPDATE** (by electricfuneral) I passed by this location today and noticed that one of the two houses is gone. There were construction vehicles on site and the second house has been boarded up tight. There was some burnt wreckage in the back of the second house that has been cleaned up as well. The future doesn't look too good for this one, it's such a shame.

Latlng: (43.868675, -79.536960)


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avatar of electricfuneral
electricfuneral Each location is easily accessible. They are both very different, as one is decently clean and the other is very, very dirty. Both have character, though.
May 08 2016
avatar of Sasha
Sasha I about peed my pants touring this home. Obviously I've watched way too many scary movies. The doors were creaking and slamming due to the draft throughout the home. My heart must have jumped out of my chest about 100 times.
Nov 09 2014
avatar of canadavey
canadavey Funny thing... Look at the newer subdivision to the east and west of these houses... Notice how the road just STOPS at a fence where the property line is? The developers are just waiting for that last property to be theirs and the urban sprawl will continue. Ugh, makes me sick.
Nov 23 2011
avatar of clay70
clay70 Double Feature? lol,, I thought i would see an old drive in theatre..funny how the 2nd house looks like the Cannibal Girls house also..another nice gothic century home..thanks don
Apr 10 2011