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Latlng: (43.865181, -79.470548)

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Patterson (ghost Town)

Discovered by clay70
Created Apr 10 2010
Recent status Under Construction
Category Ghost Town
City Vaughan, Ontario
Location # 1373

Patterson is a ghost town mentioned in Ron Brown(a)s books. Just over the Vaughan/Richmond Hill border where a post office and all sorts of industry was set up in the mid-1800(a)s. For precise details about its history the Ontario plaque (in the photos) reads:


The early settlers, Peter Frank, John Velie, William Rumble, William Graham and others from England.

About 1855, Patterson and Brothers, who had patented a fanning mill came from New York State. They built a plant on the east part of Lot 21, Con 2 and manufactured agricultural implements such as reapers, mowers, scufflers and plows. They also constructed a sawmill, gristmill, foundry, machine shop, blacksmith shop, storage warehouse, lumber yard, office buildings and houses for their men. In 1871, the population was 200. There was a post office open from 1865 to 1888, a school from 1872 to 1964 and a Methodist church that was burnt in the early 1900(a)s. Four teams of heavy horses were kept busy hauling the implements to the railway station in Richmond Hill. Since they were unable to obtain a spur line from the railroad, the plant was moved to Woodstock in 1891.

Peter Patterson was a J.P., M.P., Reeve of Vaughan and a Warden of York County. Gradually many of the buildings were moved away or taken down. Peter(a)s son, John D. Patterson who died in 1939, acquired more property and called it Don Head Farms.

TOWN OF VAUGHAN FORMERLY TOWNSHIP OF VAUGHAN 1850 - 1970 Erected in 1974 by the Town of Vaughan in co-operation with Vaughan Township Historical Society

To see a 1948 map of the area go here:[30M14W]3rd.jpg

Latlng: (43.865181, -79.470548)


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Robert Wow...Vaughan can go screw itself...Seriously, how many more ugly, squeezed in subdivisions do they need? "We never know the Worth of Water, till the Well is dry." - Thomas Fuller

Mar 23 2013

maple Look here on page 6, #2 under BACKGROUND ANALYSIS AND OPTIONS. Changed their mind, so typical of Vaughan, part of the reason I recently moved from there.

Mar 14 2013

Robert How can they be allowed to tear down these houses? The document I've provided below clearly outlines that those three houses are heritage houses...

Mar 14 2013

maple Drove by today and all 3 of the farm help houses are gone. (pictures 1 & 2 in clays gallery).

Feb 15 2013

spydrgyrl This looks awesome! I'll have to check it out sometime!

Apr 18 2010