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House with a View

Vaughan, Ontario

Location Owner maple
Creation Date Jan 25 2012
Status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
Location Vaughan, Ontario
Site number #3959

This house sits on a piece of land at one of the busiest intersections I know. If you are new to the area (2000 or later) chances are you've been busy watching the road and all the gridlock to even notice this house is there. Anyone that has travelled this road prior to the 1980's most likely knows of its presence.. It was in 1977, I remember..... the tip of the roof from the once two lane dirt road, the many large pickup trucks that went in and out of the long winding driveway,the constant wondering if that family liked it up here in no man's land, cause I myself hated it. Twenty Two years went by and I honestly never thought about this house again until an article was written up in our local paper, The VAUGHAN LIBERAL at the time. A mega mall was coming to the area and this land was purchased by Novotel who was to build a top notch hotel in order to bring in tourists. For whatever reason the hotel was built south of the mall and the house was left there emply. I finally went to visit this roof tip from the road, and I'm really glad I did, but after seeing it, I can't help but wonder if the family regret their decision to sell. Their once beautiful home with a view is now spoiled and waiting for some kind of future development to take its place. I have made this location for members only because a police station is within walking distance and a banquet hall is just down the hill and across the river. I do recommend going to see it, if for nothing else, just to look at the view from the screened in porch. You can park your car at the south/west corner of the outer part of Vaughan Mills Mall and walk over. The property is totally fenced but there is an opening wide enought to go through at the gate of the once was driveway. Walk toward the shed and once there you can't be seen from the road but do be careful of the power lines that are low enough to hit your head on. Once in and away from traffic, you can take your time and enjoy! There is NO human vandalism but plenty of damage from the elements, raccoons and feral cats. When you first enter the house, you will hear those bold kitties walking around upstairs, so just stomp your feet a couple times and they get the hint and leave. I love his house and can't help but wonder how anyone could give up something as nice as this.

Latlng: (43.830959, -79.529176)


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avatar of chiller
chiller This house is demolished now. Condos development has started ground breaking.
Jun 05 2018
avatar of maple
maple Wow! Just wow! This place is a mess now. Sad!
Nov 20 2016
avatar of electricfuneral
electricfuneral Went back today to redo some of my shots. I uploaded a few better quality photos of the place to show a comparison from my last visit. The amount of graffiti in here now is horrible. Some kids tried making a diy ouija board on the floor and I swear I saw the word "dick" probably 30 times. Still one of my favourite locations to go to. If you're going visit please make sure you watch your step...
Nov 19 2016
avatar of electricfuneral
electricfuneral There's actually a gate in the front that is by the side of the road. If you enter through the gate and walk through the field it is actually quite easy to get in. Found many POE's on the site. Used a door to get in and a window to get out.
May 01 2016
avatar of chiller
chiller Visited this place on the weekend. There are plans for a high rise Condo on this land.(The blueprints came through my work) The only way I could get in, was through the ravine in the back and hopping two fences. I get the feeling time is running out on this house. Still no tagging or human vandalism. But absolutely beautiful to see.
Feb 28 2016
avatar of Kenndruuh
Kenndruuh Loved this place! Was a pain to get to, but worth it in the end. Don't think it'll be here much longer :(
Nov 29 2012
avatar of mobileworks
mobileworks well done.
Jan 26 2012
avatar of doom vs
doom vs I'm surprised it's lasted this long judging by it's surroundings...some pretty dense land use there. Been awhile since I've been back to my old area...there are certainly some reasons to go!
Jan 26 2012
avatar of canadavey
canadavey I too have never noticed this place before even though I used to pass it every day on my to work on Creditstone. Time to go check it out before it comes face to face with an excavator. Thanks for sharing the location! ;)
Jan 26 2012
avatar of don
don Nice find! I've driven thru that intersection hundreds of times, never once thought about that field. Absolutely worth visiting!
Jan 26 2012