Latlng: (43.852696, -79.621353)

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High Point Equestrian

Vaughan, Ontario

Location Owner timo explorer
Creation Date Apr 15 2013
Status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
Location Vaughan, Ontario
Site number #6689

Stopped by to visit another location, Teston Teston 123, and saw something off in the distance, just barely visible even without leaves on the trees. Time to go for a short walk and check it out. Walking down the long driveway, which is well-lined with trees and singing birds, I was greeted by many large puddles blocking the road. Once arriving at the house, the first thing you notice is the cobblestone wall surrounding the yard. Off to the right is a driveshed, with the name High Point Equestrian fading above the doorway. Behind the house is a large shed, crumbling under its own weight and from the pressures of time. At the back of the property are the foundations of a large barn, and various junk strewn liberally throughout the grounds. The real gem here though, is the house. The house has been abandoned for several years. Vandals have had their day here, the floors are spongy and failing in several spots, as is the roof, but mostly the structure itself is fairly solid. The decay here is overwhelming, the stench of rot and mold greets your nose, as the colours and contrasts greet your eyes. Most of the windows are boarded up, so a flashlight is welcome to probe the depths. This once was a glorious ranch house, I can imagine the activities and happiness that abounded in this place back in the day. Now there are no horses, no happiness and no one visits. Only the ghosts of a once bountiful farm frolic here, with the occasional rodent leaving its mark and robins singing their praises.

Latlng: (43.852696, -79.621353)


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avatar of Motleykiwi
Motleykiwi The house and shed are no longer standing. The wall, porch and a small stone structure is all that remains.
Nov 10 2015
avatar of ground state
ground state A great pairing up with the other house you posted tonight in that they couldn't be more different from one another! Looks like you had a nice, diverse day of exploring.
Apr 15 2013