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Latlng: (43.870423, -79.489254)

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East Don Headwaters: MNR lands

Discovered by syd71
Created Mar 14 2010
Recent status Closed
Category Educational
City Vaughan, Ontario
Location # 1190


I hope you can read the scanned writing- any chance anyone's found the abandoned village?

I have tried but could not find and now I'm not in that area anymore.

Let me know, thanks ..

Below you will find modern google earth maps of the location of the old Maple Department of Lands and Forest (MNR) ghost buildings founded in the 1950s. There is lots of new development, but you can see the two Don River source creeks. This was a 2010 aerial shot, but go continue in the gallery and you will find the 2002 aerial shot that shows the boarded up forestry station with its water tower.

Went inside the building for the second time, there are three floors of hallways which I was unable to go into due to alarms going off. Pretty cool spot if you don't set off the alarms.

Latlng: (43.870423, -79.489254)


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Unknown user Went here twice, impossible to get in, 5 cameras on each corners of the building and alarms that will literally go off from you walking up to the building.

Jul 04 2020
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Unknown user here is a bit more info on 10401 Dufferin Street, Vaughan, ON from the city of Vaughan

Apr 23 2020
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Unknown user this place still exists in 2020 but will be gone in the coming years.last chance to explore

Apr 23 2020

drewkr Amazing. This place still up? What are they doing with it?

May 23 2012

timo explorer I was in there hiking around 15 years ago, and remember seeing the old buildings, the water tower and the roadways. It was definately run by the MNR, they did forestry research, also dealt with rabies quarantined animals, childrens programs and hunting tests. It appears that the new development may have taken over most of the site, but I bet we can still find evidence of the previous structures.

Jan 08 2011

clay70 Hi I solved the mystery so check the photos for the details..

Apr 12 2010