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User timo explorer
Date Jan 11 2016
Recent status Collapsed
Category Foundations
City Vaughan, Ontario
Location # 13074
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Brannigan - P1050330.jpg

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Large pond to the south. No large hills as in boy's photo.

Brannigan - P1050331.jpg

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Same large pond.

Brannigan - P1050332.jpg

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Barn. looking north.

Brannigan - P1050334.jpg

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South-east corner of barn, looking west to the back of the barn.

Brannigan - P1050336.jpg

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Barn interior detail.

Brannigan - P1050337.jpg

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Individual pens at the back of barn.

Brannigan - P1050338.jpg

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Closer look at the pens. These were on the ground floor, it was a two storey barn.

Brannigan - P1050339.jpg

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North east corner of barn, or possibly another large shed beside the barn.