3 X 27 = 81

Discovered by bigpaulsmall
Created Jun 23 2012
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Vaughan, Ontario
Location # 4955

Thanks Timo for tipping me off on this one. 3 houses (on hwy 27),(3 X 27) several sheds and outbuildings, a big metal barn and black-flies all on 1 property. Try holding your camera steady when a blackfly lands on your hand. All 3 houses are abandoned and open. They each have their own personality. One of them has had a fire with lots of interior damage. Lots of furniture and personal items in this one. One of them is mostly empty with all the paint flaking off in every room and in every corner. The other is pretty much nondescript, clean and empty. There is a bright red caboose marking the entrance on the highway, you can't miss it.

Latlng: (43.80012, -79.63165)


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avatar of bentfoto
bentfoto Drove by 3 days ago... This place has been flattened by developers. :(
Apr 04 2015
avatar of mobileworks
mobileworks Hey big guy, try using surgical gloves for black flies and/or that clip-on OFF with batteries. I also use that head netting too, ok for short periods.
Feb 27 2014
avatar of Miche
Miche Ah crud...drove right by this today and DIVV even commented on the cool locomotive building out front. Will certainly have to come back for this one.
Sep 21 2013
avatar of ddzc
ddzc I have to check this one out, it's nearby. Has anyone ever been caught on these properties, considering most of them are labelled as "private property"? curious..
Jan 11 2013
avatar of Mydea
Mydea Thanks trailpro, this is a killer location!
Jan 09 2013
avatar of trailblazer519
trailblazer519 Nice gallery mydea..
Jan 09 2013
avatar of Birgitty
Birgitty Hoping to hit this place up next week! Hopefully it goes well
Dec 26 2012
avatar of brantgarratt
brantgarratt Driven past this place many times, never knew it was abandoned! :o
Jun 29 2012
avatar of Ian85
Ian85 Wow, awsome find!!
Jun 26 2012
avatar of canadavey
canadavey I wish I lived in a Caboose.
Jun 25 2012
avatar of timo explorer
timo explorer Great work BPS. I guess the hunch paid off big time, well done.
Jun 23 2012