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Kennedy Youth Detention Centre

Discovered by kurtisan
Created Jun 14 2009
Recent status Demolished
Category Correctional
City Uxbridge, Ontario
Location # 730

- The Kennedy Detention Centre also called St. John(a)s Training School for Boys. Opened in 1956 near Uxbridge, Ontario. - This building housed orphans, trufffs, Children’s Aid Society referrals, juvenile delinquents, physically and perceptually challenged children, "incorrigibles" and children of broken or poor homes. - 1970(a)s: The province of Ontario took over the facility and turned it into a high security youth detention centre. - 1,200 former residents of St. John(a)s and St. Joseph(a)s (similar facility in Ottawa that shut down in 1970) reported being neglected, physically, and/or sexually abused by former operators, The Christian Brothers, during the 1940(a)s to the 1970(a)s. An investigation by the OPP filed 200 charges against 30 people. The Christian Brothers later signed a $23 million reconciliation agreement. 2004: The Ontario government apologized to the abused former residents. - Charges ranged from indecent assault, assault causing bodily harm,and sodomy. - Shut down in 2003. ** All windows and doors are tightly sealed. Bring square head screw driver! Be prepared for glass! There is lots and lots of shattered glass. There is a garden area with a patio, underneath that patio is a window that me and my friends left open. It is pretty hidden so hopefully none of the maintenance people found it and boarded it up again. This window it sort of high up so be ready for a jump. We left crates that we used to climb back out. Hopefully all this stuff is the same so that it makes everyone easier to get in and out. This place is also completely surrounded by fencing, there was an opening when I went but it might have been fixed. Good luck and have fun! **

Latlng: (44.125826, -79.123449)


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unknown user avatar
Unknown User I spent from 1987-1990 straight there , I've moved to Alberta since 2006 but interesting photos, and we were all trying to break out and now people are trying to break in! I guess it demolished so no ones getting in.
Sep 07 2014
unknown user avatar
Unknown User I was a resident there 40 years ago. I went by this weekend with my Son after racing in Goodwood to show him what happens if you don't follow the rules, and was both sad and happy that it was not there, It's a park , but did not feel like it to me. ALOT of bad memories came back.
May 20 2012
unknown user avatar
Unknown User Has this whole place been demoed? Is there anything left?
Mar 24 2012
avatar of itsme
itsme i can't believe it's gone :(
Jun 04 2011
avatar of captamerica
captamerica This location is now completely demolished. Nothing to see here... :(
Jan 06 2011
unknown user avatar
Unknown User As if there demoing this place. Breaks my heart.
Dec 01 2010