Latlng: (40.804254, -76.340503)

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Centralia, PA

Usa, Ontario

Location Owner ForgottenRails
Creation Date Jan 20 2015
Status Historic Location
Category Ghost Town
Location Usa, Ontario
Site number #11610

Centralia was a mining town that ended up having an underground mine fire. The town was forced by the government to leave after a kid fell into a sink hole and died. The highway is the main attraction as it moved and cracked from the fire burning underneath. It is now covered in graffiti and based on the amount of people there when we were there, a moderate tourist attraction. More info with the links provided. It's the town Silent Hill was based on. We also found an abandoned and vandalized mobile home close to the old town church. That was actually my first exploration and what sparked my love for this hobby. ***Update by fiso, Sept 2015*** For anyone who enjoys this hobby, there is a lot more to see than one would believe at first blush. The beautiful church, wonderful yet private property, the cemetery and co-located coal miner museum, the sidewalks, stairs to nowhere, fire hydrants, the municipal building, the remaining residents (three families), the neighbouring communities (visit Ashland, please!) and their willingness to chat with "respectful" visitors, the kids and their rice burners who use the abandoned roads as a track (and who, quite properly, step aside when an SRT8 encroaches) and everything else. I was going to save this for my "200th" and was profoundly disappointed to see the effort I am "adding to". The highway, graffiti'd yes, was a great chance to talk to people about why they were there. The heaving is extraordinary. Bucket list...despite the fact it is all is all still there.

Latlng: (40.804254, -76.340503)


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unknown user avatar
Unknown User There isn't much left other than the highway. Nice church but boarded up tight, and there's a cemetery that is maintain right by it so it might has sensors & stuff like that anyway. The highway was neat to see but don't make a long trip just for that. No fog or smoke when we were there. But google street view did have a lot of fog, so on a day like that might make for some neat photos.
Jan 21 2015
avatar of timo explorer
timo explorer I heard about this place years ago and have always wanted to visit, but it looks like not much left, except for the highway.
Jan 21 2015
avatar of punchbowl
punchbowl The facade of this building is beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 21 2015
avatar of Cerulean
Cerulean I so want to go here some day. It's one of my exploring dreams. :)
Jan 21 2015