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Latlng: (44.345713, -77.767851)

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Trent Hills

Campbellford Country Cottage


Discovered by canrebel
Created Sep 30 2009
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Trent Hills, Ontario
Location # 878

"On the other side of a locked gate, a giant hemlock tree stood tall over an old wooden house. Outbuildings and a barn behind the house indicated that this was once an active farm, but it was far too hot to bother exploring them. Swarms of mosquitoes rose from the waist high grass and attacked like platoons of soldiers. A colony of bees were ranking officers in the same army as the mosquitoes, and guarded the back door, where they have stationed their hive. All other points of entry proved fruitless, so this was a suicide mission. I was stung seven times. These war wounds were the cost of doing battle.

Inside, we were greeted by the stench of a forgotten era. But with only one broken window, and all doors closed, it was fairly cool inside compared to the 42 degrees on the battlefield outside. This made the stench easier to tolerate."

Latlng: (44.345713, -77.767851)


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bandi Demolished today, April 7th 2021.

Apr 08 2021

ktolfree This property is now posted. No trespassing and video surveillance sign on the gate.

Nov 18 2019

Egregious Great location. The link has some great shots.

Aug 31 2014

ground state Ok, I'll fix the map with some real GPS coordinates.

Aug 30 2014

ground state I would suggest using the address provided above :)

Aug 30 2014

mightymouse How do I get there?

Aug 30 2014

clay70 Another coincidence as I passed this home last Saturday, but my friend was in a rush to get home so we didnt stop to peak..

Oct 01 2009