Secret Beach

Discovered by Pathfinder416
Created Jun 05 2015
Recent status Active
Category Drain
City Toronto, Ontario
Location # 12189

This area of beach contains both the ruins of a concrete structure as well as an active storm drain to explore. It is one of my favorite locations in the entire city, and I trust that any visitors will treat it with respect. Also, if anyone has any information regarding the history of the concrete structure I would encourage them to share it. It is hard to decipher whether or not it was once part of a larger building, or if it was simply built as some sort of retaining wall to house another implement.

Latlng: (43.673777, -79.276925)


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avatar of SaltyBoi
SaltyBoi Hey there! I went to the drain during may and I would ask anyone to be cautious when going as the tides rise very quickly. As a result, i dropped my go pro and it broke. But it's still a cool place to visit!
Aug 24 2018
avatar of SaltyBoi
SaltyBoi Already been there, lots of people go during evening though.
Aug 16 2017
avatar of rashomon
rashomon Hey! Was just there but I didn't go inside because it rained yesterday! Love the graffiti though! I'll go back in a few days if it doesn't rain! :-) Thank you for sharing!
Jun 13 2015