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Latlng: (43.648231, -79.44216)

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Linseed Factory

Discovered by matinisabahai
Created Oct 16 2009
Recent status Abandoned
Category Industrial
City Toronto, Ontario
Location # 906

Abandoned Linseed factory - closed during the 1960(a)s

Update by Kenndruuh: Feb/2014

BREIF HISTORY: The property was purchased and the foundation was built by the Montreal based Canada Linseed Oil Mills in the spring of 1910. Linseed oil was used in the production of many different things, such as oil paints, linoleum, wood finisher, canvas bags, table-cloths, livestock feed, and even some cough syrups. The factory closed down in the 1960's when the demand for linseed oil was in its steady decline. The factory and land sat vacant until the year 2000 when they City of Toronto purchased the land for $2 million.

The building has been vacant for nearly the same amount of time it was used. Productions ran from 1910 to sometime in the 1960's. Say, 65 years. It has sat vacant from the time it closed until 2000. About 45 years.

CURRENT/FUTURE: For 45 years, the City of Toronto has owned this building and has made little plans for its future. So far the only plan they have come up with is to convert it into a community centre.

There are no set start dates or dead-lines on this project, but the Parkdale-High Park Councillor Gord suggested it would likely be in the next five to ten years.

Latlng: (43.648231, -79.44216)


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$moke weed everyday I'm not sure if this is true or not but I heard the last entrance got sealed because a bunch of stupid teenagers went there and took Xanax and one of them overdosed so they called an ambulance and then just left so then the building got closed off and now it's being renovated.

Apr 23 2021

Shoes____ Last time I looked place is under renovations :'(((

Apr 19 2021

Loose Moose Went here yesterday to explore it again and take more pictures. They've sealed off the last 2 entrances and even had cameras at one point installed at the poe(i could see the wires and stand from where the camera was before being ripped off by someone). With renovations planned to start soon, i doubt this place will ever be explorable.

Mar 08 2021

TheEasyKaybreezy Looks like a decent explore

May 24 2020

lil_bucktee tried to get in two nights ago but everything is boarded up with metal grates there is an entrance on the very top of the roof that was innaccessable to us but there is a lower down roof where there is the chimmney that can be climbed with a small hool in the grate that can be climbed down by a rope. the city is starting construction this year though for a community centre which will be unveiled in 2023

Jan 05 2020

sspunkk Was in the area today and went by the factory. Lots of construction going on in the area and looks like the city is allowing some people access to the back part of the property. The building is sealed completely still wit a double fence around it. There was one poe, but it was on the very top of the roof, but was too dangerous to get too. :( Sad I could not explore the inside.

Nov 23 2017

Digitisation Checked it out today, was a fun explore. Very dark inside tho

May 07 2017

qflux was there the other day, no access now. Sealed up tight, won't be able to cut through the grate into the basement floor like the last people did. It's solid, thick steel. Pretty sure this is the end of wabash until it's re purposed. RIP

Feb 04 2017
unknown user avatar

Unknown user i went the other day its under construction impossible to get in, security everywhere in the day and bare cameras at night.

Jan 05 2017

frightenstein Reminds me of the brickworks before it got ruined!

Jun 16 2015

urbanshadow Such a beautiful place. Shame they covered up the windows. There is absolutely no light on the first and second floors so it's quite hard to take good pictures. Third floor has enough light to take some decent pics. And the view from the roof :}

Jul 17 2014

Zenit-User Shame they put grates over the holes and such. I'm sure that there's a way around it, there always is.

Jun 30 2013

Kait_O Wish the city would be open to letting people inside, I understand the dangers, but I will never understand how they can not see the beauty they are sealing up.

Jun 25 2013

IDUE When they were in the process of putting the grates up you could get in under the loading bay and into the basement window. They ripped up the loading bay and put a grate and plywood over the window. The grates are bolted to the wall and the bolts are welded to the grates. We grapple roped onto the low room at the back, but there's a grate over the hole in the roof. This place is sealed.

Apr 27 2013

Evman Those steel grates are up no. Looks like nobody's getting in any time soon.

Mar 25 2013