Latlng: (43.704709, -79.355178)

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Canadian Pacific Police Station

Discovered by Drifting_pablo
Created May 15 2015
Recent status Repurposed
Category Railway
City Toronto, Ontario
Location # 12023

The Canadian Pacific Railroad Police have experienced cut backs in the past couple of years and this location shows just that.

Latlng: (43.704709, -79.355178)


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avatar of kazookid
kazookid Seems to be turned into a Trucking company office now.
May 01 2020
avatar of Borderskiper
Borderskiper I went here on Saturday with three other friends. Power is still running to the building. One of my friends played with the panel and tripped an alarm, which we shut off. (I told him not to touch anything.)
Oct 17 2016
avatar of aeb00
aeb00 won't be long before a POE opens up here judging by the spray paint...
May 18 2015