2011 - Canada-Malting-Co.3.jpeg Shot on B&W 125 PX Kodak Film and developed by hand. Photo of 2011 taken by HudsonTL


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captainmorgan nice XD i love shooting bw film. lends itself especially well to photos of abandoned things.
2013-04-02 20:56:54
avatar of HudsonTL
HudsonTL old highschool's dark room back in 2011.
2013-04-01 22:40:19
avatar of HudsonTL
HudsonTL You are correct! I shot these on B&W 125 PX Kodak Film and developed them by hand in my
2013-04-01 22:40:01
avatar of captainmorgan
captainmorgan I really like this set. Since the filename says 'scan', I am assuming they were shot on film, or e
2013-03-31 14:29:21