Brokers Went Broke

Discovered by MrBombastic
Created Aug 22 2018
Recent status Abandoned
Category Commercial
City Toronto, Ontario
Location # 15540

Got quite excited when I noticed this old brokers office building, so many floors to explore. From the outside, it seemed like it was in decent condition, but oh was I wrong once I walked in. There is insulation everywhere on the first few floors, then it seems to clear up towards the top. The ceiling panels are now floor panels, a lot of metal pieces hanging from the ceiling as well, so venture cautiously. If anyone is looking for a slightly used keyboard or telephone this is the right place to check out. Getting to the roof was a relief of fresh air. Can anyone recommend any decent masks against insulation?

Latlng: (43.72108, -79.429813)


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avatar of Sparky1984
Sparky1984 drove by there in October of 2019 and it still looks the same but there is a sign that says beware of dog lol
Feb 24 2020
avatar of sir-coupe
sir-coupe I think he was making joke
Oct 16 2019
avatar of Fleet
Fleet Yes, just because a location is already scrapped to shit, definitely means steal more! Great lesson to teach to people.
Jan 21 2019