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Latlng: (43.609615, -79.533698)

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Alderwood Collegiate Institute


Discovered by TommyKnocker
Created Sep 10 2013
Recent status Demolished
Category Educational
City Toronto, Ontario
Location # 9554

Opening its doors on September 6, 1955, Alderwood Collegiate Institute was the first public high school in the area. It closed in June 1983. During this time, the site was used for the filming of the CBC children's series The Edison Twins. Alderwood reopened in the summer of 1985 as Father John Redmond Catholic Secondary School, an outlet of Etobicoke's first Catholic high school, Michael Power/St. Joseph High School. Due to poor building conditions, F.J.R. was forced to move out of Alderwood to its new campus in September 2006. In 2010, the building was used once more when Steven Spielberg used it as the set for his television series Falling Skies.

From captainmorgan, August 2014: This abandoned school in Etobicoke used to be home to Father John Redmond Catholic School, and before that, the Alderwood Collegiate Institute which existed from 1955 to 1982. After that it became part of the then newly formed Catholic school board. The school then operated until 2006, when it closed due to being in a bad state of disrepair.

This building has some very interesting features, such as the tiny triangular bird sanctuary tucked in between walls and accessible through a glass wall in the library. The birds indeed are still there, and en masse they can be a little bit Hitchkokian at dusk. There is also a swing made from a shopping cart in the gym, and perhaps the most interesting, the space between the roof and the ceiling of the auditorium. It is full of wooden walkways and rafters, chains and a lot of strange equipment. One can only imagine how excited a student at the school might have been to discover that place.

Latlng: (43.609615, -79.533698)


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rashomon Miche: Did you come in as a couple? Yeah ... I was that guy ... LOL ... nice to meet you! :-)

Oct 29 2013

rashomon RNR! I did yes and here comes the photos bro!!!! LOL

Oct 29 2013

timekeeper Rash - did you bring the bitche$ for a naughty school girl shoot?? please say yes.... please

Oct 28 2013

Miche Was that you rashomon? Haha, love running into fellow explorers like that. Had a blast exploring the rest of the building/places I missed the first time.

Oct 28 2013

rashomon Darkman, awesome photos.

Oct 27 2013

rashomon Just came back ... awesome place. Just be a ninja ...

Oct 27 2013

crazycarclub I checked this out on the weekend and there was a security car in the parking lot and it had lights on inside with people working.

Oct 23 2013

rashomon God damn! What a great alternative to Bow High which has been sealed shut!

Oct 20 2013

superss Some nice galleries people, damn, maybe I should have showed up at my friends party an hour late & explored the place for a bit.

Sep 25 2013

Miche jealous. I was here today too but was too chicken shit to go in alone. I'm going back, what's the worst that can happen, right?

Sep 22 2013

superss .......I knew the little guy before he died & had the school named after him.

Sep 10 2013

superss I was by here about 3 weeks ago visiting one of my best friends. The doors were wide open & work was going on, I think preparing their sales centre (??). I decided I was more interested in getting to my friends then the explore. I had a number of friends that attended Alderwood & I was out of high school before Father Redmond was started, but had a number of other people I knew attend. I knew

Sep 10 2013