Latlng: (44.916118, -80.164876)

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Tiny Township

No Hope (Island)

Discovered by alp002
Created Jul 20 2012
Recent status Abandoned
Category Other
City Tiny Township, Ontario
Location # 5085

Hope island lighthouse, abandoned in 1988. a very cool site in gods country. Somehow vandals even found their way to this remote site and wrecked nearly everything. We do not believe in ghosts but got soo creeped out as the sun set that we hightailed it off the island. I blame the weirdness we experienced was a cause of all the nitrogen we consumed while diving local wrecks this day. Yes weird stuff like figures passing through the bush and howling moans from the forest. Yes we ran like scared schoolgirls!!!!!

Latlng: (44.916118, -80.164876)


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mobileworks good job , bikes on your boat , good idea. The government are the worst vandals usually wiping out the houses and buildings alltogether from most lighthouse keepers in the past. A very rare find, these days. You lucky person.

Aug 15 2012

bigpaulsmall This is the most unreal places, Wow, wish I were here.

Jul 25 2012

timo explorer Excellent, love it!

Jul 21 2012

quiksilver Awesome addition, I love lighthouses, too bad some punks got there and trashed it. I don't blame you for being a bit creeped out, the history of the great lakes plays into your mind when your at a place like this and especially after diving wrecks too.

Jul 20 2012

punchbowl Boy this place could be a real tourist attraction!!! - a way of life just cast aside!

Jul 20 2012