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Latlng: (44.64733, -79.901055)

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Tiny Township

Kuntz Farm


Discovered by sleep_is_awesome
Created Apr 13 2014
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Tiny Township, Ontario
Location # 10261

I went to house across the road and asked permission. While it wasn't her land, she said it should be fine to 'take pictures of the house', so I didn't want to disrespect her trust by walking all through the place. She told me it was originally owned by Dawson Kuntz, and the new owners live at the end of 3rd Concession. I tried to follow up with the owners, but no answer. Couple more rooms to explore.

Demolished Spring 2016

Latlng: (44.64733, -79.901055)


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timekeeper lol

Apr 17 2014
unknown user avatar

Unknown user @rockandrollfreak You're right, 9 does look rather tight.

Apr 17 2014

timekeeper Ya I figure after the last one I had it licked

Apr 17 2014

sleep_is_awesome @ rockandrollfreak oh god you couldn't stop once you started eh?

Apr 17 2014

timekeeper Good to see you didn't get into any hairy situations here. In pic 28, I wonder if the curtains match the carpet How was the smell in the Kuntz'? It looks like access under the wall in pic 9 would be a real close shave.

Apr 15 2014

sleep_is_awesome I meant to mention that pronounciation detail :S

Apr 14 2014

trailblazer519 LoL..

Apr 13 2014

clay70 Mailman has a package and knocks on the door, "Hello is Mrs Kuntz here?" She replies, "That's Mrs. Koontz" " Oops sorry, please sign here"

Apr 13 2014