Latlng: (48.167, -79.53)

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Timiskaming District

Cheminis Ghost Town

Discovered by whitty4
Created Nov 08 2010
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Timiskaming District, Ontario
Location # 2130

This town was the site of great controversy, where the O.N.R line stopped because Quebec did not want the line entering into their province. you go east from Kirkland Lake towards Quebec approx 30miles, you will enter a town called Kearns, then right after the town you cross a creek (on hwy 66) there is a road called Cheminis, follow it approx 3-4 miles you will come to the tracks and this is where the town once stood and the one train used to turn around, there is one remaining house, occupied, and a town sign as well as a siding and I have yet to explore but have heard there were stores, a post office as well as a church. * In the middle of the 1900(a)s other ghost towns listed on this site also had a Department of Lands and Forests(a) fire tower lookout located on a nearby hill. These include: Pakesley, Key Junction, Key Harbour, Dufferin Bridge, Bummer(a)s Roost, Pickerel Landing, Lost Channel, Byng Inlet, Moon River, Cheddar, Germania, Ormsby, Uphill, Biscostasing, Renabie Mine, Milnet, Armstrong, Metagama, Cheminis, Wavell and Pineal Lake .

Latlng: (48.167, -79.53)


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