Latlng: (48.440675, -89.206023)

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Thunder Bay District, Ontario

Location Owner hawkeye
Creation Date Sep 16 2013
Status Abandoned
Category Industrial
Location Thunder Bay District, Ontario
Site number #9573

Once called Horn, King, and at one point owned by the Canadian Pacific Railroad, this place hasn't been in operation since probably the 80's. The site itself contains 2 buildings and some old heavy machinery. The site itself is in very poor condition, and respirators a must. There are literally hundreds of birds inhabiting this place, and since they are birds, they must poop, and that poop has been accumulating to the extent that there is an inch or two of it covering the floors and even higher in some places. There go my new shoes. I was able to get into a few places, but the place was locked up pretty tight. There was a basement, but there was a foot of standing water in it. The other building on the property was locked up tight and according the the faded text on it, it was at some point a scuba school.

Latlng: (48.440675, -89.206023)


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avatar of philcam
philcam Property is sold to brunos...
Feb 01 2015
avatar of Bob the human
Bob the human It is a cool place to check out, but some workers do drive by during the day. Really gets your adrenaline pumping checking it out.
Nov 28 2013
avatar of philcam
philcam The dive shop is awesome btw... if the front door is jammed shut again you're out of luck. we managed so squeeze between the pallet blocking the door before. Guess he secured it again. There's blueprints all over the attic.
Sep 19 2013
avatar of philcam
philcam I have explored here and great west timber right beside it thoroughly. The grain elevator is a disaster to explore yet kind of interesting. The top floor has a room jammed shut but if you open it has a chair in the middle with "rape" written all over the walls. Hawkeye. I recommend you check out great west beside it. But this place is patrolled heavily as well at night and during the day. The dive
Sep 19 2013