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Candy Mountain

Thunder Bay District, Ontario

Location Owner Jaimie R
Creation Date Jan 01 2006
Status Unknown
Category Recreational
Location Thunder Bay District, Ontario
Site number #396

Candy Mountain was once a thriving ski hill located in Thunder Bay. Construction on the ski hill began around 1970 and some of it’s features included a food bar, 13 ski hills, snowboarding park, ski shop and a ski school. A five-kilometer trail attracted hikers during the summer. The top of the mountain served as a home to various satellite dishes including religious station CJOA 93.1 FM. When the Thunder Bay police leased the property in June of 2004, they informed CJOA that they would have to remove their dish. Candy Mountain was initially purchased in the mid 1980’s by Ward Bond. Bond operated the ski hill until 2001 when he chose to close the operation. The Lake Superior Division - Alpine (LSDA) club tried to secure the fate of the ski hill by encouraging citizens to purchase shares in the ski hill at a cost of $1000 each. A chance poker game would ultimately seal the fate of the ski hill. Charlie Clair was playing poker one evening with a friend who worked at Loch Lomond ski hill, also owned by Ward Bond. Clair was looking to sell his home and build a new one in a rural area. The friend suggested buying Candy Mountain. Clair and his spouse Michele Ford visited the area which had been heavily vandalized since closing. An abandoned ski hill operation is sure to provide relief for bored youth who wish to break windows. The couple took ownership of the property on November 2nd, 2005. The area had to be rezoned as residential and a promise made to Ward not to reopen the ski hill as Ward did not want competition. The 4000 square-foot restaurant was too large for use as a home so the couple turned the A-frame ski-shop into a home. Their three daughters use the ski hill during the winter, where access is by snowmobile. The chairlifts have been removed and original owner Bond is committed to cleaning up any remaining equipment. The couple has found that owning a former ski hill has its downside. Snowboarders and snowmobilers trespass on the area, as does the occasional ghost town enthusiast. Please respect private property.

Latlng: (48.313880, -89.531111)


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avatar of Bob
Bob The Ski Hill was built between 1969 and 1971. The first sod was made by the then mayor of Port Arthur. I think it was Dwight Dundas, but I cant say fur sure. The ski hill was also officially openedby the then new mayor of Thunder Bay, and 3 reeves, in 1971. The whole project cost Ted Burrows, overr 1.6 million dollars then. It crippled him financially. The hill was then sold to John Baker
Dec 23 2008