Latlng: (46.850866, -83.324105)

Aubrey Falls Trading Post and Resort

Discovered by vern_godlittle
Created Dec 14 2020
Recent status Abandoned
Category Motel/Hotel
City Thessalon, Ontario
Location # 17024

Abandoned trading post/resort in the middle of nowhere. A local told us that this place was shut down by the police for serving alcohol to minors after several warnings were ignored. Whether or not that’s true is anyone’s guess...

Latlng: (46.850866, -83.324105)


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avatar of vern_godlittle
vern_godlittle I don’t know, I don’t own this trailer. It is abandoned but I would assume there’s still an owner.
Dec 20 2020
avatar of Brucesandy
Brucesandy is this trailer 40 feet. does it have electricity and running water? I am stopping being a handyman in 6 years and only have saved 8,000, would that be enough since the trailer was abandonned? My friend just bought a used 36 mobile for 3,600.00.
Dec 20 2020