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House Of Bees- Dorchester


Discovered by odet27
Created Feb 05 2012
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Thames Centre, Ontario
Location # 4021
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Warning: While visiting this location a man happened to stop by and claimed he was the owner of property. He was quite upset we were there, and threatend to call the police if he seen us around the area again. We agreed to leave and that was that. I happened to be outside taking exterior pics when he came by, it didn't help that we parked right infront of the house. Theres not really any other houses near by to be parking there so it was obvious that he knew right away that someone was checking the house out. I'd suggest parking on catherine street (just past the train tracks) and walking over from there. The street is semi-busy and the house is wide out in the open so getting in un-noticed can be a task on it's own.

That being said this is your typical abandoned farm house. Theres a thorn bush that seems to be guarding the front door. You'll have to battle it to get in as all the other doors or locked or nailed shut. Theres a calendar in the house dating to July 2007, which could be the last time it was occupied. The house has seen some vandalism, broken windows and spray paint as well as someone harpooning the stair case ralling pieces on to a wall. Theres a lot of junk hanging around in the basement (which is quite creepy and dirty) but the thing that was the most interesting is the pile of dead bees in a small corner of the house. From a distance i had no clue what thet were, i was thinking they were a pile of those seeds that stick to your clothes, but once i got close i realized, wow...a pile of dead bees? I'm geussing they were exterminated some how since they were all in the same area. I can't imagine the loud buzzing sound they would have made if they were all alive.

Also, across the street there is a nice one room wooden house. it seems somewhat modern and has a security system installed on it. I peered through the window, there were some things along the wall and a dinning table. There was also a fire pit and some old rusted farm equipment hanging up. I wouldn't consider it abandoned but more so not in use. If i was to geuss, maybe it is a summer family hangout area, but who knows. I'd suspect it is owned by the same perosn who owns the house. I did not get any pictures of it unfortunately. Both gates to these locations are locked and chained up.

Video of the bees(might not work in IE, works in Firefox & google chrome):

Contaminant Warning posted by f.o.s. Coincidentally I had the opportunity to take an Apiculture course (the study of bees) at a local University a few years ago when Colony Collapse Disorder was in full swing, so when I saw these galleries, I got a little scared! Upon further research into this dead bee situation, I asked OAP if I could send his pic to my old professor. He was not able to rule out some very serious bee diseases which may have caused this mass death. What troubled him was the amount of defecation present around the bees, which are normally extremely clean creatures. Because of this alone, I was told that it is best not to track any bee carcasses outside the house, and if at all possible, to avoid stepping in any "bee poo" to avoid infecting other hives in the area.

Now before anyone freaks out, this could also just be a normal winter die off, or extermination. Die off like this does not typically happen far from a hive however, or in this quantity. The symptoms show a potentially risky situation, and thus, this little note. Thanks for reading.

Latlng: (42.990366, -81.028912)


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Dave Summer This has been demolished.

May 20 2020  • 0 like(s)

chelseadclxvi Demolished?

Apr 14 2019  • 0 like(s)

f.o.s. If you are planning a trip here please read the full location description first!

Apr 12 2013  • 0 like(s)
unknown user avatar

Unknown user No, we asked the fellow on the opposite side of the road since there was no way we were going in while he was plowing the field.

Apr 12 2013  • 0 like(s)
unknown user avatar

Unknown user The owner of this property lives down the road found to the right of the house. His home is right next to the greenhouses.

Apr 11 2013  • 0 like(s)

odet27 Only time i felt like i was being watched was when the guy pulled over and got out of his SUV haha. Other than that, the basement was thick with cob webs and practically pitch black - so naturally it give me an off felling. I've never seen any "spirits" before, not saying that is isn't a possibility, but i'd have to see something like that to believe it!

May 27 2012  • 0 like(s)

drewkr Ive been here and I agree. Totaly creepy, weird feelings and seen a person. No joking I see spirits all the time. This person was missing his hand, prolly late twenties to early thirties. Just saying! Anyone see him or catch a glimpse out of the corner of your eye? Feel being watched?

May 26 2012  • 0 like(s)

burrowingowl First time I've ever felt creeped out, looking at those pics - something about that place (besides the dead bees, which is totally gross) Excellent video - congrats on venturing in there. Bet the guy wasn't the owner - just 'self-important' local.

May 16 2012  • 0 like(s)

steaksauce This place gave me some weird feelings. I don't know if it was because it was at dusk or what, but I got some serious bad vibes in that house. Nausea came over me several times walking through. Cool place, but you have to be brave to venture upstairs or downstairs. Congrats to those that did!!!!

May 16 2012  • 0 like(s)

SaintSi1999 Oh My GOSH! That's just NASTY! I hate bees. I wonder what killed them all.

Apr 15 2012  • 0 like(s)

kintisa omgg thats soo disgusting and creepy!! and i love the music in your video! lol

Feb 06 2012  • 0 like(s)