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Latlng: (44.750085, -79.773141)

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Tay Township

St. Mary's Catholic School


Discovered by sleep_is_awesome
Created Feb 09 2012
Recent status Demolished
Category Educational
City Tay Township, Ontario
Location # 4048

I actually attended this school in the 80's. Kids from the Victoria Harbour Public School was make fun of us and say it used to be the nail factory. This school consisted of one hallway, a library that doubled as a (carpeted) gym on rainy days, 5 classrooms (with split grades from JK/SK - grade 7/8), a teacher's lounge, supply room, and principal's office. There is a basement, which seems accessible. I plan to return later this year.

Hopefully, I'll have more information to provide. Currently, my only retirevable knowledge is that it was (and maybe currently) owned by the Grey Sisters, and their convent is atteched to the school. If I can, I'll talk to one of the local sisters.

Latlng: (44.750085, -79.773141)


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unknown user avatar

Unknown user I am in Victoria Harbour...any abandoned places left?

Jul 12 2020

sledgirl77 I do have some photos of the old shoe factory, but I have to dig through some boxes to find them. I will post soon.

Jun 11 2012
unknown user avatar

Unknown user Anyone ever snap photos of that old shoe factory at the edge of town, or that abandoned factory near the water that had all those metal springy things littering the ground, or the trestle?

May 10 2012
unknown user avatar

Unknown user I attended this school for JK, circa 1974, along with my brother who was 3 years ahead of me. We used to take the short cut home for lunch using that hill....straight down to my grandparents place. Thanks for the memories!

May 10 2012

sledgirl77 Hi there, Im sorry to imform everyone, but this building was demolished this month. The hill is still being used by local children, but I am not sure what fate has in store for this property. St. Mary's no longer stands :(

Feb 13 2012

Adriana Ah, cool! No problem :)

Feb 11 2012

sleep_is_awesome I'll definetely take a look around. Some hitchhiking teens mentions that there was an access point. I also spoke to one of the former principals, and he said the Grey Nuns' convent is now a rented as apartments for seniors. Thanks for commenting :)

Feb 11 2012

Adriana Nice! Too bad you couldnt get in! Hopefully if you go back you can get some interior shots :)

Feb 09 2012