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Thanksgiving '19

User ishootthings
Date Oct 13 2019
Recent status Abandoned
Category Commercial
City Stratford, Ontario
Location # 1205
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Thanksgiving '19 - IMG_8863.jpg

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I had stopped in back then but it was truly a testing for my camera because it was around this time I started flipping the camera to manual for a bit before it got to me and Id set it back to auto.

Thanksgiving '19 - IMG_8864.jpg

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If the Stratford police station weren't right there.......

Thanksgiving '19 - IMG_8865.jpg

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Mass long building. The van fits some era of when this was already closed by.

Thanksgiving '19 - IMG_8866.jpg

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This framework is what would interest me the most. Who has a drone they wanna fly in and get video and pictures with? LOL.

Thanksgiving '19 - IMG_8867.jpg

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To the roof when it was still useful.

Thanksgiving '19 - IMG_8868.jpg

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I bet it dont even connect to the actual building. Havent looked thru the pics when you could get in.