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Cooper Site

User EWP
Date Aug 06 2014
Recent status Abandoned
Category Commercial
City Stratford, Ontario
Location # 1205
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Cooper Site - Grand-Trunk-Railway-Shops29.jpg

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building was erected in 1907

Cooper Site - Grand-Trunk-Railway-Shops30.jpg

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tracks leading into the building

Cooper Site - Grand-Trunk-Railway-Shops96.jpg

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some of the rafters and pipes. Some of the skylights are still visible. The building had a lot of windows, the natural light helped to save on power

Cooper Site - Grand-Trunk-Railway-Shops24.jpg

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I did get a couple of interior shots through a crack in the door, no access is allowed at this time

Cooper Site - Grand-Trunk-Railway-Shops32.jpg

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this is where the turntable for the trains is. It is now buried because of the university building and parking lot having been built in front of it. As far as I know it is still there just buried.

Cooper Site - Grand-Trunk-Railway-Shops33.jpg

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unfortunately a lot of damage and graffiti is also present on the site