Latlng: (44.324908, -76.879484)

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Stone Mills

Newburgh Hotel

Discovered by rcouper
Created Apr 02 2010
Recent status Demolished
Category Motel/Hotel
City Stone Mills, Ontario
Location # 1316

Situated in the main area of Newburgh. While it looks like a hotel - may also have been used for apts. Looking for more past info on this place. *****From Ora, Aug 31, 2013 *************** Quite a find indeed, here we have a very old decaying building that's falling apart from every which way. This property used to be a Cheese Factory, but from the interior it appears that it was repurposed as some form of apartment complex. With all the first story windows boarded up around the front, you'll travel under majestic arches out around back. This may have been where the parking was. When you first get to the back windows you can see that all of the strapping and insulation has fallen down. In fact the whole entire building interior has collapsed - save the metal structure that was in place originally. If you go into this destroyed downstairs part, you'll notice that the floors crumble beneath you. When exploring in here it gets very dark very quickly. As I did not have a flash light I was just peeking around corners, taking a photo, and hoping I didn't see any little girls in between camera flashes. Because of that I didn't get much farther than the hallway, it seems quite a dangerous task given the building's structural integrity. Once you go around the back and continue up a flight of stairs you can inspect the other side of the building. Here there is a ledge outside the second story that can be accessed via nearby trees. Looking thorough the northernmost windows there is a floor with two holes in the roof and a few bathtubs on the floor. As for the floor itself, it looks like any weight at tall would've made it go down. The balcony windows closest to the street are accessible only for the nimble. Once inside here you'll first notice that a blue fronted spray painter has had his way with most of the walls. Exploring further, the floors here are far stabler. The apartments have been mostly cleaned out, and only kitchens remain. But in one room there are several very old books that are Christian themed, to which our blue spray painter has adorned the walls with messages of an opposite viewpoint. There is one room that has some clothes in it as well, with a few old cupboards were more were presumably stored.

Latlng: (44.324908, -76.879484)


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