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Latlng: (42.780052, -81.191529)

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St. Thomas

St. Thomas Justice Building

Discovered by Motleykiwi
Created Oct 13 2018
Recent status Demolished
Category Correctional
City St. Thomas, Ontario
Location # 15633

This is the former Colin McGregor Justice Building which was last occupied by the St. Thomas Police Service up until June 2017. Thanks goes out to Mr. OAP himself who had added this to a list of potential explores. I tacked it on to my group’s itinerary for the annual OAP meet. I’m glad I did as it really paid off. It’s currently an active construction site and surrounded by fencing which you can easily get through. The building is getting prepared for demolition and many of the rooms were all stripped. You'll definitely need a flashlight to navigate through the darkness. The main highlight was the jail cells which were still totally intact. There were also two court rooms and a firing range to enjoy. The basement contained water in parts but it wasn’t high enough to be a problem yet. I would say that time is very limited here and workers would be present during business hours.

Latlng: (42.780052, -81.191529)


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EAST END EXPLORER wicked explore man awesome shots as well

Nov 21 2019
unknown user avatar

Unknown user Demolition has begun.. poe should not be an issue.

Oct 19 2018

Talker Great work, Motley!

Oct 16 2018

timo explorer Very nice location, and excellent galleries too.

Oct 16 2018
unknown user avatar

Unknown user So far the photos are great quality for being taken in the dark. I don't expect mine to be as good. :(

Oct 16 2018