Latlng: (43.18466, -79.370422)

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St. Catharines

Le Grande Hermine Ghost Ship

Discovered by don
Created Jul 27 2011
Recent status Abandoned
Category Other
City St. Catharines, Ontario
Location # 2987

Known as the "Pirate ship", this old girl has been sitting here for a long time. (surprised nobodys posted it till now). Originally built in Lauzon, Quebec in 1914, it was a St Lawrence River Ferry named "Le Progress". In (a)91, it was given a makeover to resemble a 16th century ship, and was renamed "Le Grande Hermine". From Montreal, it moved several times, then was towed to Jordan harbor, where she has been since (a)97. Then, in (a)03, a fire (cant remember if it was arson or accident) burned out the ship, and the wood cladding. It was that winter I had stopped to look at the ship. at that time, there were still pieces of burnt wood imbedded in the ice. (Ill try and scan the old pics I have and add them sometime). I just remember it being so creepy at the time, and didnt wanna go any closer to it than 20 feet. Since, she has sat here and just continued to rust. Some people apparently wanted to remove the ship, and sink it somewhere as an artificial reef. and others saying to restore it to its former "Pirate Ship" appearance. personally, I think it would make an awesome "Haunted" Attraction. Still creeps me out to this day...

Latlng: (43.18466, -79.370422)


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avatar of icrynoodles
icrynoodles Really nice pictures. Ill need to check this out myself, ive passed this ship many times over the years.
Apr 04 2018
avatar of iii SparTanic
iii SparTanic wouldve went down in the hull, but falling into the ice once was more than enough for one day. Despite the -20 - -40 weather, fellow user KnightHawk and myself managed to get out and find some great locations.
Feb 13 2016
avatar of Torontoke
Torontoke I remember an article in a local thorold paper about ten years ago that said this ship was hit by two bolts of lightning in one storm. Thats how the fire started.
Aug 23 2014
avatar of urbann
urbann Someone on youtube gets interiors, using an inflatable boat to go around the back for a POE,it's not my kind of explore but its definitely respectable, here's the link!
Jan 19 2014
avatar of D Explore
D Explore Some interior photos and a great story await you here....
Dec 29 2012
avatar of TheGirlNextDoor
TheGirlNextDoor Aaahhhhh A SHIP! So unique!
Dec 26 2012
avatar of mike6639
mike6639 I love the shots from onboard from DC and Phrenzee!
May 18 2012
avatar of Derelict Compositions
Derelict Compositions Yup, I have a pic from the inside in my gallery..
May 17 2012
unknown user avatar
Unknown User Just go when the lake is frozen!
May 17 2012
avatar of don
don We need to get someone aboard to shoot the entire ship. Any volunteers? Lol
Mar 25 2012
unknown user avatar
Unknown User The fire was due to arson by some partying teenagers. They were at one point talking of building it into a restaurant type place before the fire. The city last I heard had no plans to move it according to a friend at city hall.
Mar 24 2012
avatar of Golson Moldon
Golson Moldon Good catch phrenzee. tuatara_cda has removed the gallery.
Mar 01 2012
avatar of tuatara_cda
tuatara_cda it's quite possible. unfortunatley I've only seen the ship in passing.
Feb 29 2012
avatar of Derelict Compositions
Derelict Compositions Good timing "Adriana"... whoever you are! ;)
Feb 27 2012
avatar of Adriana
Adriana I also love how derelict and I posted at the exact same time...ahahah
Feb 27 2012