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Fire & Ice

User ishootthings
Date Mar 20 2021
Recent status Abandoned
Category Railway
City St. Catharines, Ontario
Location # 623
Fire & Ice - IMG_9656.JPG
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The entrance (or exit) depending on what way your train was going. Final destination for some....

Fire & Ice - IMG_9657.JPG
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Looking at the inside of the door.

Fire & Ice - IMG_9658.JPG
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And to the end. LAZE, is all around K-town.

Fire & Ice - IMG_9661.JPG
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Further into the muck, and it wasnt all that bad.

Fire & Ice - IMG_9665.JPG
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Fire & Ice - IMG_9666.JPG
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The ice was cool since it was all in the process of melting.

Fire & Ice - IMG_9668.JPG
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Same piece of ice but at the end of the tunnel (our limit anyhow). Twords our entrance.

Fire & Ice - IMG_9673.JPG
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Straight on.

Fire & Ice - IMG_9674.JPG
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Viewed from the hill as we headed back to the road we did not walk in.