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Latlng: (44.583392, -79.868908)

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Springwater Township

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Discovered by sleep_is_awesome
Created Apr 06 2014
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Springwater Township, Ontario
Location # 10231

I happened to notice this house when killing time before a music lesson. Google's streetview shows a more occupied looking place in 2009, at least without boarded up windows.

Location has been demolished!

Latlng: (44.583392, -79.868908)


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aeb00 I went to this place a few weeks ago in mid afternoon and it was all boarded up. All the neighbours decide to take their dogs for walks when they see people poking around here. I can see there is spraypaint inside one of the upper level windows but I didn't try to get in.

Apr 20 2015

Lovejoy This place looks awesome. Going to get some photos before more know.

Apr 06 2014