Latlng: (44.536600, -79.803926)

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Springwater Township

Log Cabin and Barns

Springwater Township, Ontario

Location Owner sir_hammer
Creation Date Sep 29 2012
Status Abandoned
Category Barn
Location Springwater Township, Ontario
Site number #5538

I saw these two old barns from the road, they looked abandoned, and the land unused. When I went to look I found the walls of some sort of log cabin or structure. The farm land behind the barns are used but from what I can tell the barns are not. There seems to be a bunch of turkey vultures living in the big barn.

Latlng: (44.536600, -79.803926)


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avatar of sir_hammer
sir_hammer Went back tonight with my Girlfriend, went into the basement and the main area of the big barn. Found the couch, the steamer trunk, the typewriter and a pink big wheel. We also found and open well between the two barns so be careful if you go there. There was also two vultures that took off out of the big barn when I went in, they scared the crap out of me.
Oct 12 2012
avatar of dave bailey
dave bailey Dead porcupine is unusual.
Oct 05 2012