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South Glengarry

Three Beauties

Discovered by ann_faith
Created Mar 17 2012
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City South Glengarry, Ontario
Location # 4213

This location consists of 2 houses, one much smaller then the other and 1 HUGE brown colored barn to the left of them-which also seems to be unused to say the least. Alll have easy access, as none are boarded up. VERY interesting!

The address on Google maps is approximate, as there was no actual house# marker.

The neighbors seem to keep a close eye on the property(s), so beware for Private Property Signs posted along the exterior of the (shacks-should I call them?!)-Anyways,I only got into one of the houses for now,(the green one) as I was in broad daylight.

The area around these 3 buildings is littered with old rusty farm machinery.-obviously not used in several years. The interior of the one house I actually got into-was mostly gutted with the exception of some very old furniture, a barbecue, and an old wood stove. The stairs leading up to what was once the upstairs to the house are heavily decayed and rotted.

Enjoy the pics and PLEASE visit yourself! I'd love to see some pictures of the other house and the barn especially! DEFINETLY some deliciously decayed findings to be seen here.

Once again, the Google maps link for work for me to get co-ordinates for this location!(What the hell is wrong with Google maps?!)


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ann_faith id really like it if someone could go back ti this place and take some interior shots of the second house i couldnt get into yet

May 16 2012

ann_faith yes, and i dont even drive haha. I just look for places whereever I may happen to be that day. its so fun!

Mar 21 2012

timo explorer You sure do get around to different parts of the province, thanks for sharing.

Mar 21 2012

ann_faith thanks dallas

Mar 21 2012

ann_faith does everyone find my locations boreing or something? lol

Mar 21 2012