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South Glengarry

St. Raphael's

Discovered by timo explorer
Created Jan 03 2011
Recent status Abandoned
Category Church
City South Glengarry, Ontario
Location # 2236

St. Raphael's was founded by Reverend Alexander Macdonell (Knoydart, Glengarry, Scotland) in 1786 when he along with 608 Scottish Highland pioneers, migrated to the area to begin a new life. The church was built beginning in 1815 and was consecrated in 1821. At the time, it was the largest church in Upper Canada (as well as the first Catholic Church) and known as the Blue Chapel for it's blue roof. Until the 1840s it was the largest and most important parish in the area. At one point it had more than 6000 parishioners including a lawyer named John S. Macdonald, who later became the first premier of Ontario in 1867. Macdonald's family home lies next to the land on which the church is built, land his family donated to allow its construction in the 1830s. In August 1970, a fire, whose cause is unknown, left only the walls remaining. The site remains a monument to the faith and determination of the Scottish highlanders who came to the area. In 1974, the site was designated a historical landmark by the Ontario Heritage Foundation. Unfortunately the OHF has not done any work nor provided any funds to date. In 1994 a local group calling themselves The Friends of the Ruins of St. Raphaels Inc formed a non-profit group dedicated to raising money to stabilize the walls of the Ruins. In 1999 the group raised $300,000 through private donations and government funding to stop erosion and water damage. Another $500,000 is still needed though.

Latlng: (45.21055, -74.608333)


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avatar of historicallycultural
historicallycultural One of my favourite places! Lived across the road for a few years...spent many nights here to get away from the hubbub of society...
Aug 05 2016
avatar of fiso
fiso Nice lighting on the new album ann_faith.
Oct 12 2015
avatar of fiso
fiso For anyone out for a nice drive in Eastern Ontario and who would like to spend an hour or so just reflecting and relaxing, aside from some tranquil places along the rivers themselves, I cannot think of a better place than this.
Mar 16 2015
avatar of Miss.Fanny
Miss.Fanny nice pics, i have some photos of this place too, i stumbled upon this place while getting lost in the country lol i never knew what the name of the church was, so im glad you posted this :)
Apr 10 2014
avatar of ann_faith
ann_faith thanks!
Mar 17 2012
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4hams nice pics ann.
Mar 17 2012
avatar of ann_faith
ann_faith lovely place to see in person. very beautiful. thankyou for posting this!
Feb 27 2012