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Latlng: (44.466114, -76.507247)

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South Frontenac

August 12th

User DAExplores
Date Aug 12 2020
Recent status Abandoned
Category Mine
City South Frontenac, Ontario
Location # 16664
August 12th - 20200812_160017M4e.jpg
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Hole next to the mineshaft

August 12th - 20200812_160012gWz.jpg
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The collapsed mineshaft

August 12th - 20200812_155955uav.jpg
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Foundation next to the mineshaft, most likely the head frame foundation

August 12th - 20200812_1559365Bf.jpg
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Fence around the mineshaft

August 12th - 20200812_155921SQj.jpg
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Pile of concrete next to the mill

August 12th - 20200812_155858Sd0.jpg
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Edge of the mill foundation

August 12th - 20200812_155848Fxp.jpg
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Possibly a loading dock

August 12th - 20200812_155802DEE.jpg
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Stairs that might have been for inspecting equipment

August 12th - 20200812_155623fpl.jpg
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Corner of the mill closest to the road