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Latlng: (44.466114, -76.507247)

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South Frontenac

Frontenac Lead Mine Shaft No. 1

Discovered by DAExplores
Created Aug 12 2020
Recent status Abandoned
Category Mine
City South Frontenac, Ontario
Location # 16664


  From 1866 to 1870, a group of unknown miners, possibly J.M. Macher, dug the shaft down to 80 feet, and extracted 2000 tons of ore.

5 years later, in 1875, the Frontenac Lead Mining and Smelting Company sunk the shaft down to 267 feet, and made 5 levels at 50 foot intervals, and extracted another 2000 tons of ore. A smelter was also opened in Kingston around this time, but closed with the mine in 1882.

From 1903 to 1912, two more shafts were sunk further in the forest, and a mill was built on the site of the No. 1 Shaft. Between the construction of the mill and 1917, 4700 tons of ore were mined.

In 1927, the No. 1 shaft was deepened to 313 feet by Forbes Galena Mines, and the No. 3 shaft was de-watered.

Between 1947 and 1958, there were 18+ diamond drills done to examine the ore body below, but the results proved the area not suitable for any more mining.

What you’ll find:

To access the site, you’ll have to use the nearby rail trail, as the access road is private property. When you get there, there’ll be the foundation from the old mill, which takes a bit of effort to get on, but is possible. About 20 meters behind the mill, you’ll find Shaft No. 1, fenced off. Inside the fenced off area is a few more foundations, most likely for the head frame to hoist the ore out of the mine, and ventilation pipes to prevent gas buildup.

I was unable to access the No. 2 and 3 shafts as they were in the opposite direction, and about a kilometre walk into the forest. However, according to the MNDM files, there is wood drying kiln there, and an adit to enter a portion of the mine.

Latlng: (44.466114, -76.507247)


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