Latlng: (44.795678, -79.70973)

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Severn Township

Port Severn Motor Hotel

Discovered by TWP
Created Apr 12 2009
Recent status Active
Category Motel/Hotel
City Severn Township, Ontario
Location # 619

** NOTE: Location may now be renovated and active ** The Port Severn Motor Hotel operated up until the year 2000. As with many motels along Ontario(a)s highways it closed due to lack of highway traffic and visitors who required overnight accomodations. The property consists of two seperate buildings. One is the former restaurant and then there is the motel. Access to the motel is closed off but access to the restaurant is available. A foundation can be found just left of the restaurant.

Latlng: (44.795678, -79.70973)


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avatar of timo explorer
timo explorer Don't worry, it will be closed again in two years. High dollar, high fuel costs, passports required for US visitors, closing of Ontario's tourism offices. Ontario is closing its doors to tourism, unless you are a casino.
Jun 11 2012
avatar of sledgirl77
sledgirl77 Great news! This location is currently being restored and opening for business!
Jun 11 2012