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Discovered by vitalfilms
Created Jan 28 2011
Recent status Abandoned
Category Commercial
City Scarborough, Ontario
Location # 2332
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The G.E.C.O. complex was built in 1940 and 1941 during world war 2. With over 170 buildings and over 5 kilometers of tunnels, "General Engineering Company of Ontario" {G.E.C.O.} assembled and filled munitions such as fuses, primers, tubes, gaines, tracers, igniters and chemical explosives. At their peak production they had over 5,300 employees working here. The tunnels were built with concrete {7ft high and 10ft wide} to protect the G.E.C.O. employees from weather and possible air raids and explosions. The last few remaining buildings have been recently demolished, the tunnels filled in with debris from the demo(a)s, and new buildings are being built over top the old tunnels.

More information can be found in the autobiography book, "Corky, Peggy and the Goldfinch".

Latlng: (43.725646, -79.287472)


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EAST END EXPLORER is there any other way

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EAST END EXPLORER 2 years and still searching one day one day lol

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vitalfilms Active shops all around - you will be seen during the day.

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