Latlng: (43.723904, -79.217181)

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Billy Van's Cottage

Scarborough, Ontario

Location Owner OnlyMe
Creation Date Nov 30 2012
Status Abandoned
Category House Or Farm
Location Scarborough, Ontario
Site number #5897
Site Access Level Level 2

This cottage once belonged to Canadian actor-comedian Billy Van (of Hilarious House of Frightenstein and Bizarre fame), but is now falling off the edge of the bluffs. In Google maps, you can see the precariously placed cottage hanging off the edge, and in real life this location is inaccessible not only because you have to go through somebody's backyard to get to it, but also because half of it is gone over the edge.

Latlng: (43.723904, -79.217181)


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avatar of frightenstein
frightenstein It's almost totally gone now, anything that was hanging over the ledge has fallen off. I'd say there's about 1/4 of it left. I wish I had gone there when I could still get some photos from inside! The best I could do was climb up to it and stopped just short of the ledge due to the immense sludge.
Apr 25 2016
avatar of f.o.s.
f.o.s. Amazing work! I don't think I would have dared it! Btw, my vote goes to Benny Hill and then Bizarre comes in at a close second ;)
Dec 20 2012
avatar of clay70
clay70 see the spit down by the lake?--that is where they filmed opening sequence of Cannibal Girls with Eugene Levy and Andrea Martin back in 1972.
Dec 20 2012
avatar of timekeeper
timekeeper The award for the biggest "UE Balls" goes to.....
Dec 19 2012
avatar of trailblazer519
trailblazer519 Holy, good job on getting interiors of this bad boy!
Dec 14 2012
avatar of clay70
clay70 Yes Super Dave was fantastic on Bizarre...
Dec 02 2012
avatar of clay70
clay70 if u want to download Bizarre episodes (uncut) just message me..Great show indeed.
Dec 01 2012
avatar of trailblazer519
trailblazer519 Lol...i loved Bizarre! ...and 'Super Dave Osborne'! Ha!
Dec 01 2012
avatar of clay70
clay70 Hilarious House of Frightenstein--The Count, The Wolfman, The Oracle, Grizelda, The Librarian, Dr. Pet Vet, and the English guy who said "Ooga booga"..what was the character's name again? TALENT....He was also on Bizarre a lot too..
Dec 01 2012
avatar of doom vs
doom vs Haha...I have a buddy who's big time into Billy Van. I pointed out this nugget to him last year. Cool add. He was a talented cat.
Nov 30 2012