Latlng: (43.769006, -79.188591)

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Andrews Motel

Discovered by OnlyMe
Created Mar 20 2013
Recent status Demolished
Category Motel/Hotel
City Scarborough, Ontario
Location # 6481

This is the second location of a two franchise chain of motels called Andrews Motel. The second location is near Morningside and Kingston rd. It is soon to be demolished to make way for a new condo development which will be just a small part of what's to come for this section of Kingston Road. The motel is pretty interesting to poke around in, and I was able to get in to several rooms which still had some fixtures, furniture, and a couple even still had a bar fridge. All the rooms have been boarded shut but someone has smashed their way in to a few. I was able to explore the main and second floors, but not the third floor of rooms as the stairwell was blocked. There is also a high fence surrounding the perimeter and there are often people at the building next door which once was a plaza with a Hasty Market and is now the offices for the condo development. This motel is just one of the coming casualties regarding the historic buildings that serviced the tourists travelling along highway 2. --------------------------- From East of Eden: This 30-room motel on Scarborough?s hotel strip once offered affordable prices. Every room has a TV and a fridge. The corporate apartments have full kitchens and some of the regular rooms have microwaves and small appliances, such as kettles. All of the rooms have been ransacked and some are boarded up. This place was home to the stars back in it's prime....Not! Here's a review from trip advisor. No wonder it went out of business. "Service is very poor, the receptionist was rude and not very accommodating. Rooms are stylish and decorated but they are not very clean. Bathtub was filthy it didn't look like it had been clean. I didn't get a good nights sleep the beds had bedbugs and they were attacking me all night long. Overall really bad motel its not worth the money, they are better more pleasant motels around the area that are cleaner and have better service." Worth checking out before the condo goes up in its place.

Latlng: (43.769006, -79.188591)


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avatar of missdollanganger
missdollanganger I think it's so busy because they're making plans to turn it into condos :'( shame shame shame. Also to those looking for a visit, the large large fence around the property may seen impossible, but look and you shall find an easier way inside...
Oct 16 2013
avatar of UnLeashed_Photography
UnLeashed_Photography I drove past this location yesterday on my way somewhere else, it looked extremely active, there were many vehicles in the parking lot, people standing around outside on the property etc. Maybe it's preparing for a come back?
Apr 13 2013
avatar of missdollanganger
missdollanganger The exposed brick was so ugly! Yuck
Apr 05 2013