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Northern Breweries

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Location Owner diesel79
Creation Date May 03 2010
Status Collapsed
Category Commercial
Location Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Site number #1507

This "sister brewery" to the one in Sudbury, closed down in 2006, and has been abandoned ever since. Taken from <a href="">Wikipedia</a>: "The company was established in Sudbury in 1907 as Sudbury Brewing and Malting Co. by J. J. Doran, a hotelier. It began to expand in 1911, with the purchase of the Soo Falls Brewing Co. in Sault Ste. Marie [...] In June, 2006, William Sharpe appeared before Sault Ste. Marie city council and cited poor sales and lack of investor interest as reasons for the downturn in the company(a)s fortunes." The site is marked as private, since although there is graffiti there, there isn(a)t that much and it(a)d be nice to keep it that way. We walked around the site and took some pictures, so enjoy! Collapsed winter 2019

Latlng: (46.509028, -84.332569)


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avatar of Blitzing
Blitzing I don't have permission to edit, but this place is now destroyed. The remaining building collapsed under the snow a month or two ago, and they took down the stack at the same time.
May 04 2019
avatar of mrgbigg
mrgbigg it is in the process of being demolished. the hoppers are out side sitting in the parking lot.
Nov 09 2015
unknown user avatar
Unknown User Anyone know if this is still there??
Aug 23 2014
avatar of clay70
clay70 best beer ever was Northern Light
Jul 25 2013
avatar of NorthernerMan2727
NorthernerMan2727 July 23rd 2013 Sault Ste. Marie's Location of the Northern Breweries Is Coming Down Finally! I will get more later on tonight or tomorrow depending on weather.
Jul 23 2013
avatar of NorthernerMan2727
NorthernerMan2727 20yr old male got nabbed for Arson as well
Feb 11 2013
avatar of NorthernerMan2727
NorthernerMan2727 Recent Update is that a 17yr old female is charged with a count of "arson" associated with the blaze on Thursday Feb 7th. No body was hurt thank God, the office building was not fully out until 2-3:30am this morning on Friday. And the fire chief stated that there was a large stack of beer boxes and wooden pallets on the upper floor which made it hard for the fire crew to put out the blaze and flam
Feb 09 2013
avatar of TheGirlNextDoor
TheGirlNextDoor Great timing NM! Your a die hard... Almost 3am! On a "school night!"
Feb 08 2013
avatar of NorthernerMan2727
NorthernerMan2727 On Feb 7th 2013 a fire broke out on the office building of The Northern Breweries Building and totally destoryed the whole entire building. As of now 2:35am it's still burning and flames! PM for more information about this tragic event! It's a landmark to my town of Sault Ste. Marie and its sad to see this happen. It's possible an Arson but I will keep you people updated on what happens! Cheers
Feb 08 2013
avatar of riddimryder
riddimryder Cool place! I especially like the gloves in this picture
May 03 2012
avatar of diesel79
diesel79 I got this link from mutantmindframe they were able to get into the building and take some pictures... here's the link and enjoy guys and girls!
Aug 23 2010
avatar of clay70
clay70 Ahh are they the ones that made the best beer in history? Northern Light? God I loved that stuff as a kid.
May 03 2010