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The Mustang Drive In Theater

Discovered by VWbill
Created Apr 22 2013
Recent status Demolished
Category Recreational
City Sarnia, Ontario
Location # 6725

This was the Mustang drive in, located in a semi industrial area of Plank Rd. I don't know how old it was, but I do know it was there as far back as 1962 and was called the Star Top Drive In back then. It was renamed the Mustang in the 70's. I saw Star Wars for the first time here. It closed for good in the mid 80's, no one took it over and by 2001 this was all that was left, the projection and snack bar building. Not too long after I took these photos this was cleared and was gone. There is one survivor however, one of the flood lamp towers (there were 4 of them) has escaped the cutting torch and still stands at the back. 1312 Plank Rd. was the correct address of the theater, but today 1312 belongs to a truck garage/dealer that stands mostly on the theaters old site.


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UnLeashed_Photography There is still the old Mustang in Picton. I can't wait for it to open next month! Paul (the owner) has vowed never to close it. I love that they are bringing them back! Great location!

Apr 25 2013

trailblazer519 I thought it was funny peanut... Ya it gave me a chuckle :-)

Apr 24 2013

superss I was busy looking up IMDB for the movie

Apr 24 2013

f.o.s. I believe it's still there, and still open in the summer

Apr 23 2013

clay70 There was also the Mustang Drive-In in Guelph which my friends uncle owned..

Apr 23 2013

crazycarclub sweet place. too bad i missed it

Apr 23 2013