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Golden Mile Mystery Building

Discovered by VWbill
Created Apr 01 2013
Recent status Arson
Category House Or Farm
City Sarnia, Ontario
Location # 6563

My first posting! This area in Sarnia used to be called the Golden Mile. You almost can't see it because of the overgrowth. The house looks like it dates from the late 1800's, it dosn't look too bad, the inside is a different story. It was broken into after sitting empty. The mystery building behind is an old cement block structure that I became quite fascinated with. It looks almost industrial, I can only speculate as to its original use, a farm/auto repair shop, a fabricating or machine shop, and there is an old neon sign with a tree growing over it, the tree is in the way but it looks like the large word on it spells out "Bimbo's" and on another part of the sign I can make out "Root beer"! Maybe this place bottled soda. There are several old cars here as well. The building is crumbling and the roof is gone if you go there be very carefull! Also I didn't notice any no trespassing signs, there is a keep out sign on the house, I didn't park out front or walk down the lane, I walked in from behind. This area back here is slated for development in a few years so I don't imagine this will be here too much longer.

Latlng: (42.98313, -82.333968)


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avatar of racr
racr Does anyone know if the house is still standing?. I'm been looking for it but can't find it
Oct 11 2014
avatar of sonofapreacherman
sonofapreacherman I never was good at stealth or the sublime f.o.s. ....: )
Apr 04 2013
avatar of f.o.s.
f.o.s. I'd watch out for whoever knows you'll be here on_____ { Update! Date very stealthily deleted by SOAP}...which is everyone ;) {Update! Which is now no one}
Apr 04 2013
avatar of sonofapreacherman
sonofapreacherman Considering checking this location out for a photo project, anything I should watch out for, or be aware of ?.....cheers SOAP
Apr 04 2013
avatar of VWbill
VWbill That sign may have nothing to do with the place, but I think it might.
Apr 02 2013
avatar of Golson Moldon
Golson Moldon Welcome, nice addition.
Apr 01 2013
avatar of crazycarclub
crazycarclub Cool location, the old neon sign and the fury sell it. i been up and down that stretch a bunch before and never noticed this here, i'll be checking this one out soon.
Apr 01 2013