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Latlng: (42.978187, -82.374497)

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Bluewater Fun Park aka Splash Down

Discovered by smurf
Created Jul 10 2016
Recent status Demolished
Category Other
City Sarnia, Ontario
Location # 13711

Closed in 2014 and never reopened for the 2015 season, Bluewater Fun Park was built at a cost of $1.2-million and first opened in 1986 as Bluewater Splashdown. As a child i have fond memories of the bumper boats and water slides that hurt your rear after one too many trips down at warp speed. I was sad to hear they closed and a little bummed out my own son wouldn't get to experience our local cool off spot from when we were his age. I made several trips to the park after it closed to capture it as intact as possible, just how i want to remember it. Thankfully it would suffer minimal vandalism the 3 years or so it sat vacant before it was ultimately dismantled and the land used for other purposes. Information added by CrazyCarClub.

Latlng: (42.978187, -82.374497)


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Unknown user Ahh so that's where this is.

Jul 11 2016