The other side

User don
Date Jul 06 2011
Recent status Abandoned
Category Recreational
City Richmond Hill, Ontario
Location # 2892
The other side - The-Other-Side38.jpg
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First thing you see when entering the trail, to the right. Stated on the Bond Lake historical map as the Gatehouse.

The other side - The-Other-Side39.jpg
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Oops!. dont know if it was people, or the base giving way that rolled it.

The other side - The-Other-Side40.jpg
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big shed down the hill from the rolled shed.

The other side - The-Other-Side41.jpg
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the collapsed remains, probably of a garage. just down the trail here on the beach, was a house long ago. nothing remains of it tho.

The other side - The-Other-Side42.jpg
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a nice little 1 room log house. it had a sun room, but it didnt last like the rest...

The other side - The-Other-Side43.jpg
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The Historical map has this labeled as a wading pool. been like this for a while...

The other side - The-Other-Side44.jpg
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...judging by the tree.

The other side - The-Other-Side45.jpg
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They hydro pole. Dont think its safe leaving that there

The other side - The-Other-Side47.jpg
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the water sheds.

The other side - The-Other-Side48.jpg
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1: foundation of Gatehouse. 2: rolled over shed. 3: big shed at bottom of hill. 4: small shed, collapsed. 5: collapsed remains (Labeled as Pavilion). 6: Log house. 7: Wading pool. 8: two collapsed structures (Labeled as Mrs. Edith Evelyn (Gamble) Clarke's House and 3 Car garage). 9: old hydro pol

The other side - The-Other-Side37.jpg
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Historical Photo of Bond Lake and the Rail Car stop # 35, Circa 1910. Unknown Photographer.

The other side - The-Other-Side35.jpg
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The pavilion, Which got turned into the 3 car garage

The other side - The-Other-Side36.jpg
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Look familiar? add some burnt vinal siding, and a deck...