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Latlng: (43.934835, -79.449434)

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Richmond Hill

The Other Side

Discovered by don
Created Jul 06 2011
Recent status Abandoned
Category Recreational
City Richmond Hill, Ontario
Location # 2892

This area may not look like it holds as much as it does, but it has about 16 things that are worth checking out: The old power station ruins, house, and old shed are located on the south side of the lake, but on the north side, there are 4 intact structures, 5 demolished/collapsed structures, 2 bare foundations, car remains, and a half fallen down hydro poll with its original transformer still intact. Later I am going to make a detailed map with the locations on it. If you go, park at the northern most entrance (A gate with an old "no trespassing" sign) and walk in. dont worry about the sign, its a public trail now.

The main heritage home still standing is the old train station house.

Latlng: (43.934835, -79.449434)


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tazz Very interesting spot,bring bug spray.I didnt take time to eplore it all will being going back.

May 21 2012

sleep_is_awesome If I remember correctly, the Gamble house was the main owner of most of the land. I believe the man of the house was either an architect, or engineer. I'll ask my Dad about the history of the area next time I talk to him.

Feb 09 2012

sleep_is_awesome I'm pretty sure the house titled "look familiar?" is my Dad's house! It used to be an old station (train or power) prior to it's use as a house. It was owned by John Norman Emerson. I went there one winter and discovered the charred interior. We did climb the stairs and walk the second floor rather safely. I'll post some family photos circa 1940.

Feb 09 2012

don Thanks. Just did a little more homework, and updated. Threw in some historical pics too.

Jul 07 2011

timo explorer Great work Don, lots of hidden treasures from back in the day when Oak Ridges was a booming weekend cottage/party town.

Jul 06 2011