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Latlng: (43.921969, -79.45067)

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Richmond Hill

Jefferson bungalow

Discovered by timo explorer
Created Aug 01 2011
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Richmond Hill, Ontario
Location # 3004

Crappy white bungalow in the former community of Jefferson. House has seen better days, thoroughly trashed and the floors are now giving way with open holes to the basement.

Also a workshop and three cars on the property. A neighbour to the west is not far away, although most of the property is shielded by trees.

Most of the area has been slated for development, likely this will be another much needed corner plaza. Goodbye Oak Ridges Moraine, whatever happened to the freeze on development?

Latlng: (43.921969, -79.45067)


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missdollanganger This is gone. Just a field now... shame because it was really a great house.

Oct 30 2012

codi_7 I could be wrong but it looks like a buick skylark.

Jun 15 2012

brantgarratt anybody know the make and model of that red soft top?

Jun 15 2012

missdollanganger this one was an interesting one!! i went yesterday, and there was a dead smell in the air which came from a dead cat in the corner... big hole in the floor, which would have probably lead down to the flooded basement with the disgusting rusty water... not sure how much weight the hole could have took but still this place is quite dangerous!! also the carpet is wet and plushy which makes the fl

Mar 24 2012

timo explorer only 100 metres from the corner, on the south side

Mar 23 2012

missdollanganger how far away is this from yonge/jefferson side road? this looks very cool!

Mar 22 2012

Derelict Compositions @mobileworks - Yup, 100 percent!!

Feb 02 2012

doom vs Ha I went to public school not a km from there. I could not believe the change when I was gone and visited again after a decade. That area has been raped by developers!

Feb 02 2012

mobileworks Thanks for the vehicle shots MagicLights , thats whats gonna draw me there !

Feb 02 2012

don did either of you notice a really horrible smell at this place? i was here a few nights ago, and it was like a rotting, moldy smell

Aug 09 2011

canadavey Wow! Good eye on you! I've never noticed this place before!

Aug 05 2011