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Headford Church and Cemetery
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User crazy_cyclist
Date Feb 07 2016
Recent status Repurposed
Category Church
City Richmond Hill, Ontario
Location # 11535
Headford - Headford-Church-and-Cemetery23.jpg
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On the second to last service of the Headford United Church I brought my pioneer costume and took some pictures of me there. I also took a lot of other indoor pictures.

Headford - Headford-Church-and-Cemetery24.jpg
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This is in the entry of the church at the base of the bell tower.

Headford - Headford-Church-and-Cemetery27.jpg
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On each of the pews is an extra little seat for children.

Headford - Headford-Church-and-Cemetery30.jpg
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After a lightning strike damaged the steeple it was rebuilt around 1914. This is one of the original steeple toppers. It is stored in the basement of the church next to this model of the church.

Headford - Headford-Church-and-Cemetery32.jpg
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The rope to ring the church bell. They used to ring it before the services until the gentleman whose job it was didn't have the strength to do so any more.

Headford - Headford-Church-and-Cemetery21.jpg
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Me again in my pioneer costume.