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Latlng: (43.869838, -79.388614)

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Richmond Hill

Headford Church and Cemetery

Discovered by fullspectrum
Created Dec 26 2014
Recent status Repurposed
Category Church
City Richmond Hill, Ontario
Location # 11535

On a busy street in Richmond Hill sits Headford United Church. It's history can be traced back to 1850 when on this site stood a wooden chapel called Leeks Chapel, a Methodist Episcopal Church. By 1882 the congregation had outgrown the original building and the present brick church was built on the same site to replace it.

With the union of the Methodists, Presbyterians and Congregationalists in 1925, Headford became a member of the United Church of Canada.

The original Cemetery also sits well preserved on this site behind the Church.

Latlng: (43.869838, -79.388614)


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electricfuneral I visited this location yesterday. I believe the new owners were renovating the interior. There was a man inside who was kind enough to let me take a few shots. When I went to the back I noticed each stone had the same last name. The original cemetery must have been moved. A family walked up to me and asked why I was in their cemetery. It was quite strange. I do not suggest visiting this location.

May 01 2016

crazy_cyclist This was my church. The United Church congregation has disbanded and sold the building to a Korean Church. The last service of the United Church congregation was Oct 2015.

Feb 07 2016

qovk I pass here everyday and not once did I ever assume it was abandoned! thanks for the update

Feb 15 2015

f.o.s. Does this place still have church services? I noticed the light is on in one of your pics (extrior light)

Dec 27 2014