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Latlng: (43.916846, -79.47567)

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Richmond Hill

Beynon House

Discovered by timo explorer
Created Aug 01 2011
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Richmond Hill, Ontario
Location # 3005

One of the last remaining original farmhouses in this area. Most of the old farms have been developed, but because this sits on the Vaughan side of Bathurst Street, it will take slightly longer before it too is permanently removed in the name of progress.

According to the 1887 Canadian County Atlas, this was once the George Beynon farm.

The home is now listed for sale, however it is in such a state that is must be torn down, too far gone to be saved.

electricfuneral: The house is completely boarded and has suffered severe fire damage. One of the boards had a sign (that has fallen off) which reads: Funeral Steeles Memorial Chapel. The only POE would be through a second floor window, but seeing as the place does not look stable I wouldn't suggest trying to get in at all.

Latlng: (43.916846, -79.47567)


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electricfuneral I was greeted by some chickens during my visit, so that was interesting to say the least.

Apr 09 2017

Mydea boarded up at the moment, no PoE :(

Sep 21 2012

vern_godlittle We checked this house out about two months ago for the first time; went back last night to take some pictures and it seems as if this house is finished. The doors have been freshly boarded up and the front porch and garage have been demolished. Tire tracks were seen leaving the driveway and going onto Bathurst, so it is likely this house is slowly being torn down. Such a shame, this one was great.

Jun 28 2012

missdollanganger Something interesting about Beynon that I never mentioned: This house in 1997 was owned by a man named Victor L. Gregg, whose line of work had something to do with airplanes. (Which would explain the many flight magazines!)

Mar 13 2012

missdollanganger hello! just added a gallery from when i visited about a month ago! wonderful spot. looked a bit worse than it did in timo explorer's gallery so i think kids have been through it a few times. that hockey mask and snowman were stolen! but yes, it was a lovely spot. beautiful location, and literally across the street from the bus stop if you take the YRT Bathurst 88

Dec 25 2011

timo explorer Still there, I drove past it this morning.

Dec 06 2011

missdollanganger anyone have any clue if this house is still standing?

Dec 06 2011

canadavey Another junk house. :( I've been eyeballing this one for a while, although I live only 2 minutes away from it, I haven't had time to go check it.

Aug 05 2011

spydrgyrl My pleasure! :)

Aug 02 2011

timo explorer Thanks Trish for giving me the tip on this place.

Aug 01 2011